Renewing Your Mortgage

General Natalie Moore 16 Nov

Renewing Your Mortgage. Did you know? Close to 70 percent of mortgages never make it to the end of their term! This means that, for a variety of reasons, homeowners are ending their mortgages early. However, that still leaves a solid 30 percent of home buyers who keep their mortgage until the term is up […]

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10 Mortgage Mistakes.

General Natalie Moore 28 Oct

Whether it is your first house or you’re moving to a new neighborhood, getting approved for a mortgage is exciting! However, even if you have been approved and are simply waiting to close, there are still some things to keep in mind to ensure your efforts are successful. Many homeowners believe that if you have […]

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Will Saving Now Pay Later?

General Natalie Moore 9 Oct

Do you have questions that are just not getting answered? Do you have questions you are afraid to ask? Are you curious just how close you might be to owning your first home? Are you waiting for the market to settle before you buy? Join us for all the above topics and more! The best […]

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First Time Home Buyer? Here Are Some Things You Should Know

Webinar Natalie Moore 7 Jan

Are you a First Time Home Buyer in Ontario? Sit down with me, a Mortgage Agent, and allow me to equip you with some resources to get you started on your journey of purchasing your first home. This will be a webinar-style information session. Some topics that will be discussed: Renting Vs Buying First Time […]

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